Analysis of a Foundation Essay

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Analysis of a Foundation
PA571 Nonprofit Organizational Management
Jared Stock

Linda Shoemaker and Steve Brett founded the Brett Family Foundation in 2000 to invest in the creation of a more compassionate and just society. The Brett Family Foundation originally had an annual grant making budget of $500,000 and an endowment of $10 million. The Great Recession took our endowment down to approximately $6.5 million, and we decreased our annual grant making budget to $350,000. The Foundation is in the process of rebounding and currently has an endowment of $9 million. This year's grant making budget is $462,000. The Brett Family Foundation mission is to promote caring communities by investing in organizations
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9to5 National Association of Working Women, Colorado Chapter Strengthening economic justice for women $5000
Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington (CREW)Supporting Colorado Ethics Watch, which uses high impact legal actions to hold public officials and organizations accountable for unethical activities that undermine the integrity of state and local government $7500
Policy Promoting justice, economic security, access to health care and sound fiscal policies in Colorado $2000
Roundtable Building an inclusive, engaged, and equitable state by achieving progressive, public policy change $5000
Institute Informing policy debates with the goal of improving the well-being of individuals and communities in Colorado $5000
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Defending and advancing justice for all immigrants and refugees in Colorado and the United States $5000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center Supporting the Colorado Participation Project's efforts to increase direct service providers’ participation in advocacy $4000
Colorado Progressive Coalition Uniting diverse communities on issues of racial, economic, environmental, and social justice to build a more progressive future for Colorado $3000
Common Cause Education Fund Strengthening public participation and ensuring that government and the political process serve the public interest, rather than the