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Randy Wheat Professor Powell 9-16-13 Understanding The Natural World
Understanding the natural world is an essential component of survival for many Americans across the world. The values we hold true to ourselves can influence our decisions, behavior, emotions, and opinions on the topics of global issues. Often times the importance of nature and the environment that surrounds us is stressed as a key figure of our daily lives. Although we hear about the necessities and values our environment provides us, America as a whole often overlooks the value and importance of the environment and natural world. Americans do not treat the environment with as much respect and dignity as we stress to ourselves and others, which makes us look as we are a hypocritical nation. The mistreatment of our environment leads to more serious global issues such as pollution and global warming. Nature as a whole is not viewed as a vital and pivotal aspect of our environment as it was in the past, due to people’s changing attitudes about the worth of our environment and how it affects their daily lives. One potential reason for the changing of attitudes globally is the nation’s current enfatuation or obsession with the ever advancing world of technology. Americans in today’s world are far too consumed with advancing technological products including Iphones, I-pods, I-pads, other various cell phones and videogames etc. that we just simply don’t care or pay attention to the health and well-being of our environment surrounding us. Studies show the average American spends 34 hours a week watching television, while 91% of our nation owns a smartphone with 63% using for internet access.
Americans in centuries past enjoyed the pleasures of living in a much more healthy and economically stable due to their main focus being on survival and constantly bettering themselves without all the technological distractions. One important question Americans are faced with across the globe is whether the treatment of animals for lab experiments is ethically and morally acceptable. Scientists should be allowed to use animals for lab experiments as long as they are treated with respect and dignity. Scientists must also follow ethical guidelines put in place by the government to continue such experiments. The loss of animals’ lives due to these experiments is acceptable and worth the practice for potential breakthroughs and advances in the medical field. Potential advances include treatments for cancer, medicines for harmful diseases, and vaccines and other medications that are destroying the most important life on this planet: humans. The loss of several animals with the potential to save hundreds of human lives is without question a major advantage for society, despite the outrage and protests of animal rights activists worldwide. Breakthroughs and advances in the medical field will lead to improved medications and possible cures for deadly conditions such as cancer and HIV/Aids. These advances will lead to a better future and increased life spans for generations to come.
The use of lab animals for these experiments is morally and ethically acceptable as long as the guidelines outlined are followed and the animal is treated with respect in a proper setting that is reasonable. In regards to the seasonal hunting of domestic animals and other wildlife, another issue up for debate, there is no moral or ethical wrongdoing with this practice. This American tradition is perfectly acceptable as long as consumers follow hunting protocols and abide by nationwide hunting laws. If one fails to follow certain laws or guidelines, than the government reserves and should enforce the right to restrict an individual’s hunting privileges or subject them to other significant punishment. Often times, wildlife hunters, and Americans in general, take for granted the opportunities