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Having to own something so extravagant, which perhaps surpasses its usefulness better yet, symbolized something personal can be referred as a “white elephant” (Sample). A short story called “Hills Like White Elephant” by Ernest Hemingway is mainly a dialogue between a couple debating a lifelong situation. The setting takes place at a bar near a train station, which symbolize a stepping-stone in their life to reconsider their old habits. However, during the discussion at the bar, the girlfriend, Jig, continuously brings up a subject about the white elephants over the hills. Therefore, this short story consists of elements such as a train station and white elephants that represents a crisis in their life. Firstly, the couple arrives at the train station waiting to board onto a train to Madrid (Hemingway, 563). The element of the railroad station is symbolic of being at the crossroads of life during a time of crisis (Sample). At the time, they both agree on trying a new drink to enjoy their time. But Jig bickers, “That’s all we do, isn’t it – look at new things and try new drinks” (564). However, all of this is symbolic of the decision to agree on where they are going next with the “white elephant”. They have been traveling, but there will be change (Sample). The “white elephant” is symbolic of a baby. The couple has contrasting insights about having the baby. The man says he had never seen white elephants before (Hemingway, 563). This is because he is not open to considering the possibility of keeping the child and wants the girl the have an abortion (Sample). Jig, though indecisive about whether or to keep the baby. Feels she has received a gift, which at this time in her life is useless to her (Sample). The story does not conclude whether the baby is kept or aborted. However, Jig claims she is fine (Hemingway, 566) which leads to a conclusion they are moving forward. In conclusion, “The Hills Like White Elephants’ is a story about an American man and a girl going through a