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Alisha Daniel
Professor Joan Harmon
Critical Thinking HUP 102
30th March, 2015 'Abortion' When we hear abortion some may think murder and other may think individual rights. The big argument is life and death. Personally I think it is the woman's right I choose, especially if that woman is in a straineous situation. Abortion is defined as the 'removal of the embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy' ( The problem we are facing with abortion is it is either illegal or restrictions are applied to them in certain states due to personal beliefs, experiences and so on. Since abortion have been legalized many women, you, old, poor and rich have had abortion. Many of which are too scared to talk about it. Personal beliefs and experiences such as being traumatized for having an abortion or a woman regretting not having one, contributes to the problem. We're aiming to have abortion understood and accepted in all states. We need to recognize the feeling and situation most women are in. Some may not be financially stable others don't want to be stuck in an abusive relationship. The problem is the morality behind abortion due to culture and personal beliefs over individual right and freedom. It is understood, some may strongly disagree due to the fact of killing a life. Which I know is not what most women intend. I understand everyone needs a chance in this world. But , some unwanted/unexpected children come into this world unprepared and often times many suffer because of this. When this happens most tax payers ague the fact that their money are used to help aid these same unwanted/unexpected pregnancies. M problem in this whole controversy, is women have to be subjected to guilt for making a decision that would best fit their situation and help both themselves and the tax payers. There are many alternatives to this situation. The perception of people will limit how far they can go with this problem. How they feel, think and believe about the situation. Giving them an insight on how these women feel is a start. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to have a child for an abusive boyfriend who just might kill you before you give birth? Do you want to bring your child into you poor lifestyle situation, having to beg for food to feed him/her? Or would you want to give birth to a child who is extremely sick, whose life spam is until the age of two? Changing public awareness is an alternative. Would you want someone to take away your rights to vote just because they don't see you fit to make a decision like that? These are the question you should think of. The advantage of changing public awareness is the understanding between people. The advantage is a paradigm shift which is a result of listening.…