Analyzing a Major Issue, Domestic Violence as an Whole Essay

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Assignment 2: Analyzing a Major Issue, Domestic Violence as an Whole
Jessica Coleman
Professor Jacquot
PSY 110

Although there are now laws against domestic violence, the issue still seems to be present in the 21st century. Once given an blind eye to is existence for decades people are now forced to face the fact that domestic violence is an major issue no matter when and where it may occur. In this essay I will be addressing the issues of:
What is has been done to try and stop this violence and help the victims involved?
What psychological issues that may fuel the particular act of violence?
What challenges that law enforcement agencies and victims face pertaining to domestic violence and how might these challenges be
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Let’s consider the psychological concept called ambivalent sexism behavior that is found on page 213 of Franzoi, 2009. This behavior is described as “behavior directed against women based on both positive and negative attitudes including hostility and benevolence, rather than uniform dislike. The example given stated that Turkey and Brazil men and women who endorse hostile and benevolent sexist beliefs towards women justify violence against wives when they challenge their husbands’ authority or violate traditional gender roles.”(Franzoi,2009). But this is not the case in aggression-associated cues located on page 441. These particular cues seem to trigger domestic violence in the households. Some of the well-known aggression cues are weapons such as: baseball bats, sticks, knives, and guns. The less recognized cues would be hostile physical characteristics, and negative attitudes coming from either party involved in a dispute.
When domestic violence is present in a home it often goes unreported. In these situations it becomes hard for police officials to step in and protect the victim. “Police and prosecutors face two common problems when it comes to arresting, charging, and prosecuting domestic violence.
First, victims of domestic violence are often reluctant to report the abuse. Abuse victims may hope that the abuse was an isolated act that will not be repeated. Are secondly they may be fearful that reporting the violence will only goad their