Anarchy: lack of government or disorder Essay

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Anarchy, in modern day political terms is defined as a ‘lack of government or disorder’ due to an absence or non-recognisable form of authority, this is usually perceived under a negative light and is associated with words like chaos, riots, hostility, nihilism and more. Anarchy or anarchism may also refer to the theory and belief in the abolition of all governments or organisation and that people would be more satisfied without the rule of a government or leader in general, that they would be free and could live in a perfectly functioning society through small communities and mutual trade. Contrary to popular belief, anarchy does not mean "without rules.” The word "Anarchy" comes from the ancient Greek words, “an” (without) and “arkhos”, (ruler), meaning "absence of a leader". The first know use of the word dates back to 467 BC though long before the ideology of anarchy became a common perspective, humans have been living for thousands of years in societies without government. An example of anarchy could be the Australian aborigines they lived in tribes without a set law or anything to enforce it. The black bloc in s new Egyptian anarchist group inspired from German protesters in the 1970s they dress in black concealing their face and identity to appear more serious. Their aim is to fight the muslim brotherhood. The muslim brotherhood is one of the largest Islamic political opposition in many found arab states. The black bloc describes themselves as “trying to liberate people, end corruption and bring down tyrants. They say they are fighting the regime of the fascists. Members of the group appeared in Tahrir Square on 25 January, banging drums and saying they would "continue the revolution" and "defend protesters". Others were reported by the al-Ahram news website to be blocking tram tracks in the northern city of Alexandria.The Biotic Baking Brigade is a loosely connected group of activists famous for throwing in the faces of such figures as Bill Gates, San Francisco mayors Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom, anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps, economist Milton Friedman, Swedish King Carl Gustaf, former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. The group espouses a left-wing philosophy, with members also active in ecology, social justice, gay rights, animal rights, and feminist movements, with connections to groups like Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, and ACT UP. It opposes corporate neoliberalism as well as any institution or individual who commits "crimes against people and the land." ‘Anonymous’, a modern day anarchistic organisation is a group with no official leader is a wide spread online community that protests for civil rights of the people This “hacktivist” anarchistic group is a vigilante justice group, they take direct action to problems via internet attacks in order to achieve justice among nations via hacktivism. In April 2009, after The Pirate Bay co-defendants were found guilty of extensive copyright infringement, Anonymous launched a coordinated DDoS attack against the IFPI, an organisation responsible for safeguarding recording artists' rights. When co-founders lost their appeal against convictions for encouraging piracy, Anonymous again targeted the IFPI, labelling them "parasites." A statement read: "We will continue to attack those who embrace censorship. You will not be able to hide your ludicrous ways to control us”. In response to Operation Pillar of Cloud in November 2012, Anonymous launched a series of attacks on Israeli government websites. Anonymous protested what they called the "barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people.

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