Ancient Rulers AP World History Essay

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Ancient Rulers Qin Shi Huangdi and Han Wudi had many similar methods when it came to their belief system, structure of government, and policies toward their people; such as, both Han and Qin having a centralized government. However, they also had many differences in their rulings; Qin used legalists in his government and killed hundreds of Confucists, while Han made Confucianism the state philosophy for his empire and started a school to teach Confucist ideals. Qin Shi Haungdi and Han Wudi had different philosophies for their government. Qin hated Confucian scholars and killed hundreds of them in cruel ways; while also burning any books that gave the people of the empire any “ideas” against Qin. He instead used Legalists and their policies to help run his government. The burning of books and killing of hundreds of scholars was almost like a knowledge vacuum, taking out the intelligence of the empire and making it difficult to keep a strong bureaucracy. Han Wudi on the other hand took away the ban of Confucian books and used many Confucian ideals in to help run his government. Han later even built a school to encourage the study of Confucianism and create more scholars for his empire. Something Qin Shi Huangdi and Han Wudi did however have in common, was the implementation of public works in their empires. Qin began massive public works such as the Great Wall and other roads and bridges in China. These works were continued in the Han Dynasty also, and Han decided to increase taxes to fund them. The public works of the two dynasties benefitted individuals and the empire as a whole; by providing employment for many families without jobs. Also,