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In 13 and fourteenth century Mongols created a epire from Russia to China
It brought stability to the Eurasian trade routes
Also made way for the spread of flea infested rats carrying bubonic plague to east Asia and Europe
This brought black death in the mid 14th century which was known as one of the worst natural disasters of all time
Few were left untouched even monasteries were hit by the plague
All the animals died as well
The prices dropped
People were afraid of death so very few took care of their wealth
Though it was hard to find laborers so their wages went up tremendously
Some villages disappeared completely because everyone had died
Signs of disintegration were everywhere although often out of disintegration comes fertile ground for rebirth which many historians call the rennisanse a time of troubles: black death and social crisis

famine and population
Europe entered a little ice age
Bad weather with bad storms and constant rain led to widespread famine and hunger
In northern Europe It destroyed the harvests and caused serious food shortages called great famine of 1315 -1317
Killed supposedly 10% of the population
Europe then had a great increase in population in high middle ages.
All land was being farmed and it was just too many people . there was a movement from the overpopulated rural areas to the urban locations . eighteen percent of the people in the village of broughton in England migrated between 1288 and 1340 .
No certainty that this actually helped economically you might conclude the opposite
Famine led to major malnutrition which increased infant mortality , lower birthrates , higher succeptibility to disease
This explains why so many people died in the black death

The black death fro asia to europe
In the mid fourteenth century the disaster known as the bleack Death struck Asia North Africa and Europe the most commen and important form of the black death was bubonic plague which was spread by black rats infested with fleas who were host to the deadly bacterium yersina pestis
Mongols brought the plague with rats accompying their troops
Mongols then also controlled the Eurasian trade routes and the traveling of goods and people help spread the plague
By 1348 it had spread all the way down to the middle east
The black death in Europe
Most devastating natural disaster in eurapean history
Caused economic, social , cultural and political dramatic change for the worse
Parents would try fleeing their children
Symptoms of bubonic plague are
High fever
Aching joints
Swelling of the lymph nodes
Dark blotches caused by bleeding under the skin
Bubonic plague was actually least toxic form of plague but still killed 50 to 60% of victims
Pnumanic plague and how it spread
Spreads to lungs resulting in coughing and easy spreading
Plague reached Europe in 1347 when Genoese merchants brought it from caffa to the island of sicily
Sailiors would get infected and then when they would go into the cities they would infect everybody their
Life and death reactions to the plague
People stopped caring and would turn to alcohol and sex
Rich people fled to their country estates
People would leave all they had looking for country places
Some people thought it was a sign from god and would punish themselves
The flagellants went from town to town beating themselves with whips hoping god would forgive them They attracted attention but the catholic church got worried when they would start attacking jews and clergy who opposed them some people also thought it would be the return of jesus aspect and that he would have a second kingdom run under his name pope clement vi condemned the flagellant and by 13 50 most of them had been destroyed jews were accused of causing the plagueby poising town wells and there was lots of anti Semitism many jews then fled to Russia and Poland some survivors after the plague treated life and cheap and short violence and violent death became more commen priests would remind their pupils in