Andrew Jackson Essay

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Ashlie Kruszynski
Andrew Jackson Essay
Dr. Clark

President Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was a self-made man. Jackson was the only president to symbolize another great generation. Andrew Jackson has his own age known as he “Jacksonian age. No other president could stand for their own age. President Jackson had enhanced many presidential powers through his tough personality, and how he was able to take on many challenges. He has strengthened the Democracy by vetoing countless bills, and paid the national debt. Jackson had also taken a huge role on the Indian removal act. The challenges “old hickory” faced were not easy and he was the one to be believed the strongest president. Andrew Jackson had strengthened the democracy in a few ways. One way he had strengthened the democracy is that Jackson believed “the president was the servant of the people” (page 114-115).This meant that he believed the people being served was to give them what they really desired and to keep them satisfied with his presidency. At first, Jackson didn’t believe he was fit to be president. He knew his ability could control a group of fighting men for battle, but Jackson never believed in his ability that he could take on and control an entire country. Although, he strongly believed the people of the country had the right to choose, so he encouraged voting rights. In the book “when people called it, it was the leaders duty to act upon the service” (67). Jackson had took the idea of becoming president into further thought and consideration after he had seen the need of a reform to the government from the people’s trust. So when Andrew Jackson had become president he wanted to establish a plan. In which this plan could limit the government workers to serve only a four year term in order for them not to abuse the position. Furthermore, he also created and took a major part in the Democratic Party. This party was for the people, so they can choose their representatives during the election processes. It was a “national convention by delegates elected by the people” (90). Then the Republican Party took part because of the Democratic Party being formed, which the people who believed against the democratic people. With these two parties, this had been the result of the strengthened powers of Andrew Jackson and the two party system. Jackson had paid off the national debt. This played a huge significant role in the increase of presidential powers. The era and society Jackson had lived and served in had many major issues involving money. “Era of corruption”(65). The era of corruption as the historians called It was the depression of people faced due to the lack of currency circulation. With the lack of currency circulation people were left without jobs, very few advantages of goods being distributed and many more awful events, Jackson had believed the financial economy was run by fraud from the local bankers. Jackson had then wanted to get rid of the national banks. The country had continuously borrowed money had could not pay it back leaving them with debt. “How can I pay off the national debt and pay for improvements without borrowing from banks”? This is the major question Jackson thought about when he decided that the debt had to be paid off, so therefore there would be no more borrowing money from banks. The national banks had been tied with the federal government which meant the only people that would have the advantages would be the stockholders that were already wealthy. The banks had only been a beneficial to a small group and for the other majority of the groups became problems. This is when Jackson believed the “advantages” for the stockholders worked against the Democratic Party that he had created, Jackson had then vetoed the bill trying to re-charter the bank for the economic health of the country. Jackson was so fed up with the banks trying to kill everything Jackson created so he put it to an end. The final