Andrew Jackson Dbq Essay

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During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, certain actions were made thus causing turmoil between different philosophies of groups of people. After epitomizing the “common man”, Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams in the election of 1824 with ease. By being relatable to the ordinary civilian in America, Jackson was able to touch hearts of his followers. As a result of his popularity, Jackson was able to influence the American ideals and become a president known for his successful changes of the government. One controversial topic that corresponds to Andrew Jackson’s presidency is that of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. When wanting to expand the territory of the United States, an inhibiting factor arose. As expansion occurred, Native Americans …show more content…
Their case, Worcester v. Georgia, eventually reached the Supreme Court. In 1832 Chief Justice John Marshall ordered state officials to honor Cherokee property rights. (226)
When this was decided, the Jackson’s administration did not fully partake in supporting the decision. Consequently, Jackson’s predecessor, Martin Van Buren, would take initiative and force the Cherokee out of their land. This march would then become known as the Trail of Tears of 1838. By partaking in this territorial expansion, Jackson was able to increase the United State’s ownership of North American land and possibly eliminate conflicts with the Native Americans that originated back to the first settlers in New England. Another topic which determined the future of America revolved around the decision to eliminate the caucus system and revert to the convention system to nominate presidential candidates. Originally, when members of Congress would meet to discuss whom to nominate as a presidential candidate, some outside supporters critiqued the injustice of allowing only the elite to provide their opinion. As a result, Jackson felt compelled to provided states the power to cast a vote. “Jacksonian America” also