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Andrew Johnson
Jeremy Yan
February 27, 2015


Biographical Information:
Date of Birth: December 29, 1808
Place of Birth: Raleigh, North Carolina
Places of Education: Self-educated
Religious Affiliation: Unaffiliated Christian
Names of wife/wives: Eliza McCardle
Years of presidency: April 15, 1865 – March 4, 1869
Political Party: Democratic
Cause of death: stroke
Date of death: July 31, 1875
Place of burial: Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, Tennessee

Two events of his presidency:
1. April 14, 1865. After Lincoln was shot, Leonard J. Farwell, a fellow boarder at the Kirkwood House, awoke Johnson with news of Lincoln's shooting at Ford's Theater. Johnson rushed to the President's deathbed, where he remained a short time, on his return promising, "They shall suffer for this. They shall suffer for this." Lincoln died at 7:22 am the next morning; Johnson's swearing in occurred between 10 and 11 am with Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase presiding in the presence of most of the Cabinet. Johnson's demeanor was described by the newspapers as "solemn and dignified". At noon, Johnson conducted his first Cabinet meeting in the Treasury Secretary's office, and asked all members to remain in their positions.
2. Break with the Republicans: On February 22, 1866, Washington's Birthday, Johnson gave an impromptu speech to supporters who had marched to the Executive Mansion and called for an address in honor of the first president. Although strongly urged by Moderates to sign the Civil Rights Bill, Johnson broke decisively with them by vetoing it on March 27. In his veto message, he objected to the measure because it conferred citizenship on the freedmen at a time when 11 out of 36 states were unrepresented in the Congress, and that it discriminated in favor of African-Americans and against whites. Within three weeks, Congress had overridden his veto, the first time that had been done on a major bill in American history.

Illustrate God’s hand on his life by citing and explaining an example.
I can see God’s Hand through Andrew Johnson by his attitude towards south. During his presidency, the north just won the Civil War, and Lincoln was assassinated by a southerner. All the people at congress especially the Republicans were trying to give south a very hard time. However, I believe it was God’s will that Andrew Johnson disagree with them. He thought that the southerners are just failed brothers, not enemies, and the most important thing at that time was to rebuild the union, not to punish the south. I believe that was God’s Hand helping America.

Summarize one incident that you would feature if you were to make a movie of his life.
In 1873 Johnson contracted cholera during an epidemic but recovered; that year he lost about $73,000, when the First National Bank of Washington went under, though he was eventually repaid much of the sum. He began looking towards the next Senate election, to take place in the legislature in early 1875. Johnson began to woo the farmers'