Animal Welfare League Essay

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Animal Welfare League
AWL helps over 30,000 animals annually
By them helping 30,000 animals that goes to rehoming them not just taking them off the street and placing them into a new home.
Gives people an easy opportunity to adopt, donate, and foster.
Has a wide range of tabs on their website with large and easily noticeable tabs from the viewer’s perspective
Sells animal equipment and the money earned from the equipment sold goes into the charity.
By them selling animal equipment they can use the money earned to rehoming animals and giving them food and shelter while being helped.
Has a full fact page on things that could occur during the process of adopting or rehoming an animal.
On the website it’s easy to find, because it has a quick tab with a wide range of questions and if you click on the question it will give you a descriptive answer.
Has beliefs and wants for the charity so they don’t get lost on what they’re doing.
The use of having beliefs and rules gives them the grounding for helping without becoming something they didn’t want when they started the charity.
Has little fundraising choices, and ideas on the website
By them giving little ideas for fundraisers people won’t like that idea and could choose not to continue on with their fundraiser.
Doesn’t offer wide information on how animals are saved
By them not offering more info on how animals are saved and what animals are saved, people will want more info otherwise this could affect thoughts on