Anna Garcia Case Summary

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Case Description: Anna Garcia was a 38 year old Hispanic female who weighed 165 pounds and was approximately 64 inches tall. Anna had been recently been reported to be acting strange. She was shown wearing a sweater outside even though her town was currently experiencing a heat wave. Anna was found laying face down in the entry hallway of her house at 9:56am in Anytown, USA. Upon the arrival of the EMT, they had to break down the door just to find Anna dead in the hallway. At the crime scene, there were various items all very close to the body. There was a desk on its side, about a 1.5 feet away from the body, and about 80 centimeters in length. There was a foot wide pool of blood next to the desk. Smaller items included a 7.5 inch long syringe about 1 foot away from the body, an 11 inch long hair 9 inches away from the body, 2 white pills about 2 feet away from the body, a 6 inch tall cup that was about 2 feet from the body, and a 10 inch long shoeprint that was approximately 1.5 away from the body. All of the evidence found at the crime scene was gathered and further analyzed. In the case, there are four main persons of interest, or suspects. The first suspect is Alex …show more content…
We put our simulated body in water baths of temperatures of 0 degrees, room temperature, and 50 degrees, (all degrees in Celsius) for 20 minutes and recorded on a line graph how the body cooled. We concluded that the higher the ambient temperature, the slower it takes for the body to cool. After the lab, we used the Glaister equation (98.4- measured rectal temperature/ 1.5) to determine Anna’s actual time of death. Anna’s rectal temperature was at 92.4 degrees Fahrenheit at 11:00am measured by her medical examiner. By using the Glaister equation, it was revealed that Anna’s actual time of death was at