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Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography

Vallerand, R. J. (2012). From motivation to passion: In search of the motivational processes involved in a meaningful life.Canadian Psychology, 53(1), 42-52. Retrieved from This article is based upon thirty years of research in the area of motivation. It defines motivation and explains its application in intrinsic and real life settings. Purpose of field research and the comparison of research on a subject that matters is discussed. This article discusses the four types of extrinsic motivation; external regulation, introjected regulation, identified regulation and integrated regulation and the influence of a person’s degree of self determination.
American Psychologist. Vol 57(9)., Sept. 2002, 705-717. Building a practically useful theory of goal setting and task motivation. Locke, Edwin A., Gary P. The first peer reviewed article summary is focused on research that explains the theory of goal setting. They also discuss how goals operate. This review also focuses on the relationship of goals and satisfaction. It pointed out different examples to show how people seek satisfaction at all costs. It was noted that in many cases motivation acts as an incentive to get things done. This peer review article also compares and describes goal setting to other theories. Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol 87(4)., Aug. 2002. 797-807. Relationship of personality to performance motivation. A meta-analytic review. Judge, Timothy A.Llies, Remus. The second peer reviewed article summary is focused on the 5-factor model of personality and 3 central theories of performance motivation. The peer review