Essay about Another Cinderella Story

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Politically Correct Cinderella

We all know the story about Cinderella who starts out by being simple farm girl. And of course we also know the evil stepmother and stepsisters, and the fairy good mother. We also know about the ending where Cinderella gets the beautiful prince and they lived happily ever after. There is also another version of the story. Politically Correct Cinderella is the funnier and modern parody of the Traditional Cinderella story. Politically Correct Cinderella written by James Finn Garner in 1981. In this essay I’m going to analyze the Politically Correct Cinderella story, and then compare it to the traditional Cinderella story, and finally end it by relating to the concept of “political correctness”.
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– This makes the story different, because it isn’t like any other fairytale, which normally fit in to the home out home model but instead leaves us with questions.
The story is told by a third person narrator. It is an omniscient narrator, because we hear about the characters thoughts and feelings.
The ending in this version shows it’s not the same type of fairytale story as the original. It’s more an adult and a bit darker version.
However I do think that James F. Garner takes it a step to far, with all the changes. The story was funny in the beginning, but when reading on I felt it was a bit too much.
But it was interesting to hear the story in a very different way, which also gives us another perspective of looking at the story.
The whole idea of politically correctness is a different but exciting way to tell a story, see a movie etc. “Politically correct words” or terms are normally used to show differences between people or groups in a non-offensive way, but it is different, from person to person, what you find offensive.
And in a way even the title is ironic and sarcastic since its not political correct to let the bad ones win in the