The Importance Of Student Internet Use Agreement

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Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Student Internet Use Agreement
Grades 6 – 12

Students must accept this Agreement before they can log on to a
CMS computer that is connected to the CMS Network.

In this Agreement, “Internet” means both the CMS electronic network and access to the worldwide web (Internet).

· I do not have a right to access the Internet from school. Internet access is a privilege.
· I will use the Internet from a CMS computer only for instructional purposes, research, or career development.
· I understand that I do not own any material I may create or post on the Internet at school. Any information I create, transmit, or store may be inspected for any reason without my permission or knowledge.
· Anything that I do on the Internet may be monitored by a teacher or other staff member.
· I have read and understand the Netiquette Rules and Unacceptable Uses of the Internet. (The Netiquette Rules and Unacceptable Uses are in the Student Internet Use Regulation and are also posted on a separate page on the log in screen).
· If there was anything in the Netiquette Rules or Unacceptable Uses that I found to be confusing, I asked my teacher to explain it to me and now understand it.
· I agree to follow the Netiquette Rules and not to engage in any activity that is an Unacceptable Use when I use the Internet at school.
· If I do not follow the Netiquette Rules or if I engage in any of the Unacceptable Uses, I may lose Internet access at school. There may also be disciplinary actions taken against me under the Student Code of Conduct, which could include a suspension. I may also be violating the laws of North Carolina or of the United States.

Student Rules for Using the CMS Network or Internet
Grades 6 - 12

Violating the rules for using the Internet or the CMS Network is a serious matter. Students who do not follow the “Netiquette Rules” or engage in any activities that are “Unacceptable Uses” are violating the CMS Student Code of Conduct and may also be breaking the laws of the United States or North Carolina.

The following list is summarized from Regulation IJNDB-R, “Student Internet Use,” which contains a more detailed statement of these rules. The regulation is reprinted in the Parent/Student Handbook and is available online at[->0].

1. CMS “Netiquette” Rules · Be polite when using the Internet · Do not use profanity, abusive, vulgarities, or inappropriate language · Do not reveal personal information about other people · Do not reveal your own personal information without an appropriate reason

Consequences for not following Netiquette Rules(Code of Conduct Rules 7, 8