Essay about Anthem by Ayn Rand: Book Summary

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Ashritha Matta
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English 4-1
Due Date: 10th December 2014

Individuality In Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem, Equality 7-2524 was raised in a society where they weren’t allowed to think and act the same way. However, equality was a rebel and believed in individualism. He felt that acting the same was not the right thing to do; therefore he wanted to change the way he was living. Like equality, Mario Della Grotta needed a solution to get over his disorder. He wanted to get a surgery in which doctors placed pacemakers in his brains to help him control his disorder. In both cases, these individuals wanted to live their lives in their own terms. They didn’t want a disorder or society to control them and prevent them from enjoying their lives. To be know as a complete new individual both equality and Mario from “Who Holds the Clicker” made hard decisions and went out of their way and tried something different that most members in the society didn’t. In Anthem, Equality is held back by his society that he never got a chance to be himself. Individuality was totally lacking in everyone around him and it was a sin to be indifferent. Since they were taught, “We are one in all and all in one”(Rand 19), Equality never had an opportunity to shape himself for who he is. But, he believed that he shouldn’t be thoughtless and wanted to add color to his life. He then creates light and is fully content with his creation. However, the school of councils rejects his wonderful creation and instead provokes him for conducting such an act. He gets very hurt and runs off. When he was away from his society and by himself he learned a lot more about individuality He was much more content because he was able to think and do whatever he pleased to do. It truly made him realize who he was as a person and found his unique personality he had been searching for until now. Similarly, individuality was lacking in Mario who was searching for it. However, he was too caught up with the symptoms of this disorder that he didn’t have time to think about himself. He knew individualism is very important so he went through the life threatening surgery. After the surgery he can concentrate on things and rediscover himself. Like he says “the disorder has taken over his life”(Slater 1). Mario believed that that he had enough with and wanted to progress in his life. His Obsessive-Compulsive disorder as to profound that he had no other option other than to continue with the surgery. Therefore he decided to get pacemakers placed in his brain. If the surgery was successful then he would be able concentrate on the activities he was interested in and rediscover who he really was.

“Every individual is special in their own ways”, Confucius once said. In both the works, the characters were able to overcome the norm of the society and become an