Antigone Vs Creon Analysis

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Sophocles contrasts the characters Antigone and Creon in order to question if authority or family should be more valued. Creon puts more importance on his rule and the law, while Antigone emphasizes the devotion to her bloodline and the gods. Antigone, although depicting that authority and the king’s rule is important, puts more importance on how not being true to one’s family and morals leads to devastation—as seen in Creon’s tragic ending. Sophocles depicts that family is superior to authority by showing how bloodline is a sole part of one's identity, that listening to one's heart over one's mind in making a decision is preferable—especially when it comes to family—and how relationships are more important than rules. In Greek society …show more content…
In relationships with the gods and family members, one must be dedicated and loyal- even in cases conflicting with authority. The truly stubborn character, Creon, does not bend his stance until the end, when it is too late. When talking about Antigone’s stubbornness, Creon unknowingly condemns himself stating, “The inflexible heart breaks first, the toughest iron Cracks first” (PG NUMBER). Although, in the end Creon's unwillingness to bend over the law ends with tragedy. Creon is taught through the death of his son, niece, and wife that being rigid in one's morals and not valuing anyone else's can leave you alone. Creon refuses to listen to the advice given to him by the common people- the Chorus and Tiresias- and is unwilling to value others opinions his inflexibility leads to his demise. Tiresias shines light on one of Creon's flaws by stating “the only crime is pride,” as there is no crime in being wrong in life(PG NUMBER). However, if one’s pride affects a leader's ability to see his errors, then the outcome can be worse than if the person were to just own up to their mistake. Creon is unable to see how his actions are amiss and due to his pride and inability to listen to others opinions he loses sight of what truly matters in life- his