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Pericles’ Funeral Oration(Pericles of Athens)
The Epitaphios (Funeral Oration)- Athenian FUNERAL SPEECH (importance of oration), Unique Athenian custom, waited to bury fallen soldiers until after battle year, not buried on field but in Athens cemetery, buried by TRIBE
Pericles of Athens- Leading statesmen at Athens height of power- oversaw construction of the Parthenon

Declaration of the Rights of Man (John Locke)
The French Revolution- Reaction to inadequate leadership of Louis XVI, lead to financial crisis and disaffection of lower classes (Enlightenment)- Led to passing of Declaration of Right of Man (1789).
Natural Law- Declaration of equality for all, rights include property, liberty etc., only actions harmful to society are illegal, sovereignty for nation
The Enlightenment- New way of thinking that sparked the American Revolution, and the French Revolution. Emphasized reason and analysis over authoritative leadership.
Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights- The document that declared the U.S. as an independent nation from Britain and the Bill of Rights was the collection of the 1st 10 amendments of the constitution that outlined citizen rights. INSPIRED BY DECLRATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MAN AND ALSO THE ENLIGHTENMENT!

Antigone/MLK (Sophocles/MLK)
Sophocles of Athens­- Ancient playwright, wrote 127 plays (7 survive), Reduced actors to 3 and reduced role of chorus, worked on character development!
Antigone- The sister of Polyneices who thinks her brother should be buried, and stands up against kind Creon. Engaged to Haemon and ends up thrown in jail for defying the law. Ends the story by committing suicide while in Jail.
Creon- the King of Thebes who refuses to bury Polyneices and ends up throwing Antigone in Jail. His son (Haemon) and wife (Eurydice) end up committing suicide at the end of the story.
Haemon- The son of Creon who is engaged to Antigone and ends up committing suicide at the end of the story, after attempting to kill his father. Haemon is in love with Antigone and can’t live with her dead, so he commits suicide.
Tiresias- The blind profit who warns Creon about his decision to not bury Polyneices and also his decision to thrown Antigone in jail. Tiresias says that his decisions will “anger the gods”, but he is ultimately ignored by Creon.
Martin Luther King- The famous Baptist minister and civil rights leader who was a pioneer in the civil rights movement. He wrote the famous “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” and led the majority of civil rights campaigns in Birmingham, Alabama. He also pioneered the practice of “civil disobedience”
Civil Rights Movement- The largest movement towards equal rights and treatment for black and white American citizens. This movement included the case of Brown vs. Board of Education and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This movement peaked with the passing of the Civil Rights Act which was a leap towards equal treatment for African Americans.
Rosa Parks- The woman who refused to “go to the back of the bus” while she was riding a public bus in Alabama. Rosa Parks practiced “civil disobedience” and was arrested for her refusal to obey the local ordinance, which continued to speak the Civil Rights Movement and led to the Montgomery Bus Boycotts.
Southern Christian Leadership Conference-The new organization founded to fight towards “equal civil rights”. The headquarters was in Alabama and MLK was appointed as president, THEIR GOAL: Support nonviolent activism to desegregate the Bus System, GOALS GREW AND EXPANDED!
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom- The march of thousands of African American’s in Washington D.C., had the SUPPORT OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY! Called for end of discrimination and equality, “I HAVE A DREAM” Speech!
Selma to Montgomery Marches- The mass protesting against voting exclusion and discrimination! Ended up broadcasted on television as “Bloody Sunday”, and the march was joined by Abraham