Anxiety and Everyday Social Situations Essay

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Social Anxiety Disorder is one of the many mental disorders that thousands of people suffer from everyday. It is defined by extreme nervousness to speak to others in fear of what you might say will be wrong, and those listening will judge you because t wasn't correct. It is normal to be nervous when put in new situations, but when you can't even raise your hand because your so afraid of what others think of you is when you need to seek professional help. People develop Social Anxiety Disorder for many different types of reasons and it is something that needs to be addressed if you or someone you know may have this disorder.

People from all over are diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder for many different reasons. Some people its just because it runs in their family. Others it's because they were just born a shy and timid child and have not yet learned how to be themselves around others, because their scared of new situations, or even because of their environment and the people they are surrounded by. No matter the reasoning, these people feel as if nobody is there for them and that they will just make a fool of themselves if they are who they really are, and they need to be embraced and feel welcomed and have a good support group around them no matter what.

Social Anxiety Disorder has many symptoms too. There are a lot of them, so we will not name them all, but if you are feeling any of these, make sure to go to someone for help. The symptoms include: intense anxiety in social situations, chronic fear of being judged by others, and they may worry for days or even weeks before a dreaded situation. Also, they have a fear of meeting new people and speaking in public, and they may become very anxious and self conscience in everyday social situations. All of the actions listed above are inside of yourself because a symptom is something that is within yourself. But refer to the paragraph on signs for actions that are physical and visible to others.

There are multiple signs that we should be watching out for when we think someone may have Social Anxiety Disorder. People who are suffering from this problem in their life try so hard to avoid attention and others. They also do things such as not making eye contact with others, they stay away from new situations, and their voice is shaky when they are speaking because they are so worried. There are many signs and if you see that someone starts to show multiple signs it is in your hands to help them or get them help before it gets worse.