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Running header: Treatment for Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorder Treatment Terry Diane Pratt Grand Canyon University: PCN 605 Instructor: Blythe McCance October 23, 2014 Anxiety Disorder Treatment
In the quest of treatment for an anxiety disorder we should begin by defining this disorder. This disorder is identified as a group of mental disorders that are derived from one’s fears enhanced by anxiety. Treatment for anxiety are, at times, more difficult to treat. If there are underlying or other medical conditions present they must first be treated prior to the treatment for the anxiety. Pre-existing conditions may alter the treatment. In some cases an anxiety disorder may be self-treated, or treated with support and help from friends and family. One’s own self-discipline is also a factor in the complete treatment plan. In this paper one will be enlightened and updated in the treatment of this disorder (Schacter, D. L., Gilbert, D. T., & Wegner, D.M. 2011).
In less severe cases or with extreme self-control one may be able to be successful in controlling their anxiety without the help of professionals. This, however, is not the norm. In such cases this is possible with short term anxiety. Episodes of anxiety that occur due to an identifiable cause. These episodes are often eliminated or brought under control with the help of strength and determination. There are exercises that can be useful whether formal treatment is used or not. The key is to learn to manage the stress. In cases that can be easily solved by alleviating a known stress this exercise can be extremely useful. Relaxation techniques work in combination with stress management and breathing deeply to calm the stress. Replacing negative thoughts and words in conjunction with these other hints will help any treatment option to be more successful and help one to overcome this debilitating disorder (Cuijpers, P; Sijbrandij, M; Koole, S; Huibers, M; Berking, M; Andersson, G.; Mar 2014).
Counseling and psychotherapy have been proven to help clients to overcome and conquer their anxiety disorder. Psychotherapy is commonly used as well as cognitive based therapy. Many times there is a combination of methods used to offer relief of anxiety. The use of multiple methods helps to alleviate questions and creates a better understanding of the stressors in the mind of the client.
One type of therapy that is commonly used is cognitive based therapy. In cognitive-behavioral therapy the therapist works toward changing the thinking patterns of the client. Particularly the stressors that are part of their anxiety. The main concept in the use of this therapy is to use change the cognitive ability to change, or distort, one’s thinking. The behavioral part is to change the client’s reaction to the stressors of the anxiety or current situation of the client. It is facing ones stressors and alleviating them. This includes traumatic events and situations that one must become desensitized to the creation of this environment. Psychotherapy may be another type of treatment for clients. In this type of treatment the client works with a therapists or psychiatrist to find the path leading to the stressors creating the anxiety disorders and the symptoms they are currently experiencing. When the stressors are found the client and counselor continue to work together to overcome the stressors (Mansell, W. 2007).
There are also medication that may be used in conjunction with a disorder, such as anxiety. , There are several