Disorder: Anxiety Disorder and Stress Essay

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CheckPoint: Stress Disorders

Life in itself is very stressful, every individual deals with it in a different way. For example what might cause stress and grieve on one person may not cause the same stress on another. Everyone goes through frustrations, demands, and hassles, not all of the stress is bad, for example it might motivate some people to do the best they can and see for themselves that they are strong enough to overcome whatever comes their way. Stress is a normal response to the events that go on in your everyday life that may upset and make you feel threaten, its the body's defense. Stress can sometimes give you the strength you didn't think or know you had. For example, stress can make you decide to make the best of what you have and keeps you motivated and gives you strength. Stress starts becoming a problem when your moods, your relationships, and your quality of life starts to change some might not even realize it and get used to living like that. Then your health might start to weaken and little by little your body shuts down and doesn't allow you to concentrate on anything. Everyone deals with stress differently, some might start having headaches others might get stomach aches but when they go to the Dr. theres no real medical issue they have, its all caused by stress. The reason that stress trigers varies from person to person. Two of the most common treatment for stress disorders are drug therapy combined with family or group therapy.