Anxiety In Children

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Did you know, according to the APA (American Psychological Association), school age children today show more anxiety and stress than child mental asylum patients did in the 1950’s? Also according to the APA, depression in children has also become more common with the skyrocketing stress levels put on kids each day! Stress is a big player in the average person's game of life. Sometimes, it can be the biggest player on the opposing team. Stress can sometimes cause worse conditions, clinically diagnosed disorders, such as depression and anxiety to come into your mind. If we don’t want these things to develop or to continue in students here at Lunsford we should take action. I think we should implement a fifteen minute recess into our daily …show more content…
According to The Health and Safety Executive, if you add up all of the work days taken off due to stress, depression, and anxiety each year it adds up to 45 million days! This may not seems like a lot, but it is. Also, these numbers are growing everyday. This could have been prevented if these people had a break each day to clear their heads and to relax. Stress is caused in children by massive amounts of work, pressure (school or social), and even troubles at home. According to KidsHealth, stress can be caused by long term events, such as moving or divorce in the family. If a student is struggling in their home life, but unable to relax and then a teacher yells at them to work, that can cause extreme stress, anxiety, or depression. A recent survey done by the APA discovered 45% of teens are under school pressures. This pressure is causing them massive amount of Stress, so much so that they drift away from being their normal selves. These pressures weren’t put on them by themselves! These pressures come from teachers and administers telling them if they fail they will never go to college or have success in their lives. Exams, homework, stranded tests, school pressures, and social pressures and issues are all major causes of stress. This is just awful! If we only gave these teens a break to let them relax and step away from their desk or computer they may not have such an extreme amount of