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Ashley Phillip
Period 4
AP English

Using the internet is a commonly known amd effective strategy to make real friends. Many perople can argue that the internet can cause people to be more withdrawn and closed off from the rest of humanity, but the fact of the matter is that the internet accutally helps you make more friends and be more scoical and you could even say it can provide a chance for a "do over" to create a new set of connections and friendships that are more carefully cultivated. First and foremost, the internet can help you be more social and as a result make more friends. Based on the newspaper article people of the internet are more social and consequentaly they encounter many people and create close friendships. This way of making close friendships has almost doubled over the past three years because of the easier access to internet and the larger varity of social media. Now a days when people go on the internet it's to go on social media sites and these social ties have increased overwhelmingly going from five-hundred and six social ties to eight-hundred and thirty eight over the past couple years. People claim that the internet is bad for society when in reality connects us from one world to another finding people with the same intrests and personalities as us, people that understand when others won't therefore knitting this close friendships online, and although the arguement that online friends can drive us further apart from our other everyday "real' life firends is presented , its clear that online friendships can acutally enourage us to become closer to eachother. Equally important, Online friendships give a chance for a "do over" to create a new set of connections and friendships that are more carefully cultivated. As described in the blog , relationships that begin with a twitter exchange or a series of blog comments can flourish into treasured real-world ties. In thae blog the author talks about the situations in which we can meet someone through social media and only have the opportunity to create a real friendship if they interact in real life and that as social media