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AP Language and Composition
Summer Reading 2013

As you commence your journey as an advanced reader and writer, it is essential that you recognize the process by which you have attained this placement. Do you love to read? Do you enjoy analyzing a text to discover unique and profound ideas? Are you inspired by effective writing? Are you a creative thinker? Even if you have never asked yourself these questions before now, I am certain that your summer reading selections will lead you to discern authentic answers. These texts were chosen so that you can acknowledge the roles you play in and out of the classroom: reader, writer, speaker, listener, thinker, observer, inventor... Through your exploration and evaluation of these texts, you should begin questioning the shape of your words and your world.

Part I: Writing Style and Format
Read the text below. Be prepared to discuss, analyze, and apply the concepts presented in O’Conner’s book during the first weeks of class.

*Woe Is I by Patricia T. O’Conner

*It is suggested that you purchase this text to use as a guide throughout the school year.

Part II: Fiction
Read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. For each chapter of the novel, create a dialectical journal of your thoughts about, reactions to, connections with, and analysis of the text. (Please use the attached chart; you will need to print up and complete one page per chapter.) You will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding of this