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“Is The American Dream Still Alive?”
It’s not an easy question to answer, especially in our current times felled up with uncertainty in our work and in our lives. We watch the news, go to work or school, and some may even own their own businesses and hear about what is going on in today’s challenging world. As we hear these things it seems as if the American dream is falling apart for others that work hard to get there. There are many people from other countries that come to America hoping to have that “American dream” so they can have a better opportunity than what they had before.
During those first couple of years, families that moved to America are starting their lives completely over. Having whatever they have to start their American dream may be very little but they are doing the best they can to get there not matter the consequences that may come along. Even though these families have very little they still have hope, finding employment could be a struggle since they’re starting over and being in the lower class, so the jobs they are finding may not be the best but you have to start somewhere to get where you want to be to have the American dream.
Having a good education, treating others right, working harder than anyone else could get you somewhere. For a while that might work having plenty of money to buying your own business. But things change over the years. Things changing at work, never knowing if could have a job the next day, life passing you by; this could become overwhelming for some people. You could find yourself stuck in the world, asking yourself what happened to the American dream we came looking for.
The American dream isn’t just all about having money, the biggest house, and the fancy cars we were never promised to have those things. That is something that you have to work for, not something that’s being given to us. While it helps to have a fair and just system, an education and corroborative support, pursuing those possibilities is not necessarily up to someone else, it’s up to us. I believe the American dream is still alive, it’s just up us who want to move forward and make a difference to the place we work and to those we also love. It’s up to us of what we make of it.
“Are you a product of your environment or your expectations?”
This is a hard question to answer. Are we products of our expectations? I see it at some points we do take on the ideal life that other have for us. People tell us many times, “Make sure you get your degree, because no one can take that away from you”. It makes you think,