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383857532702500End of Last Ice Age: Global Warming process that began about 16,000 years ago. By around 11,000 years the Ice age ended.
Picture 1: a large glacier melting Picture 2: North America covered sheet of ice
Broad Spectrum Diet: Archeologist term for a diet of hunter gathering society’s. Which is a large array of plants and animals?
322580032385000Fertile Crescent: Area Southwest of Asia, Basically modern day Iraq Syria Israel and southern turkey Picture 1: area of the Fertile crescent Picture 2: Modern Day Fertile Cresent
430403017335500Teosinte: a form of genetic engineering that took place over thousands of years created maize from this grass:
-1282701524000 Maize plants-
Diffusion: The spread of agricultural techniques.
22942552254250013779522542500Bantu Migrations: from around 3000 BCE Bantu speaking people moved South for about a Millennia
Picture 1: Map of the Bantu Migration
Picture 2: Comic of the Bantu Migration
Agricultural Revolution: Human advancements on the cultivation of plants and taming of animals
Picture 1 and 2 : Paintings of Acient Algricultral in the work
Secondary Products revolution: By around 4000 BCE there was a further set of Technological changes. This used domesticated animals way beyond the meats and hides they have. Humans began