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Appendix C

Rhetorical Modes Matrix

Rhetorical modes are methods for effectively communicating through language and writing. Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least 2 tips for writing each type of rhetorical device.

|Rhetorical Mode |Purpose – Explain when or why |Structure – Explain what organizational |Provide 2 tips for writing in |
| |each rhetorical mode is used. |method works best with each rhetorical mode. |each rhetorical mode. |
|Narration |Narration is used when telling a|Narrative events are most often conveyed in |1. It is important to |
| |story. The story could be |chronological order. The idea is to setup |understand you purpose. |
| |either factual or fictional. |the story from a “beginning to end” format, |2. It is important to be |
| | |allowing the story to “unfold” as it is being|detailed about your story. |
| | |told. | |
| |Illustration essay clearly |Order of importance method – begin by |1. Do not insult your reader |
|Illustration |demonstrates and supports a |determining a thesis and build the paragraphs|by over explaining concepts. |
| |point through the use of |with evidence supporting the thesis. |2. Be clear and articulate |
| |evidence. | |your point strategically. |
|Description |Writers use description to make |Spatial order - arrangement of ideas |1. Be detailed and keep in |
| |sure their audience is fully |according to physical characteristics or |mind that you are describing |
| |immersed in the words of the |appearance. |your topic. |
| |page. | |2. Avoid empty descriptors. |
| | | | |
|Classification |Classification is to break broad|Essay should start with an introduction that |1. Choose topics you are |
| |subjects down into smaller, more|introduces the broader topic. The thesis |comfortable with. |
| |manageable, and more specific |should than explain how that topic is divided|2. Adding interest and |
| |parts. |into subgroups and why. |insight will enhance your |
| | | |essay |
|Process |Its purpose is to explain how to|Chronological order in order to explain |1. Proof read in order to |
|analysis |do something or how something |step-by-step, beginning to end. |make sure the process makes |
| |works. | |sense. |
| | | |2. Be detailed and clear. |
|Definition |Definition essay is to define |1.Introduction and thesis. |1. Make sure your definitions|
| |something. |2.Clear identification of terms and |are clear. |
| |