Appendix H. SQ3R Worksheet

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Appendix H

SQ3R Worksheet

Selected reading:
Social Groups, page 217
|Survey |The value of surveying the reading provided some of the terms and explanation of them that would be in the article. |
| |It also provided the different types of social groups. |
|Question |What is the purpose of this article? |
| |What’s the difference between categories and groups? |
| |What are primary and secondary groups and how are they classified? |
|Read |Surveying and questioning helped me read better by allowing me to first skim through the reading and ask questions |
| |first based on bold words and titles of paragraphs and then go back and read the article and answer the questions I |
| |asked myself before I read the article. |
|Recite |I decided on what parts of my reading I needed to recite based on boldfaced words, titles of paragraphs, and looking|
| |for the main ideas and important parts in the article. |
|Review |I plan on reviewing the information I read on a daily basis until I can answer different questions on the article |
| |without hesitation or without having to go back and look at the article.