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Unit 2 PHD’s
Lina Herrera
Period 1
1. The French lay claim on the territory in dispute because they said that La Salle discovered the land 60 years before. Their reaction Dinwiddle’s demand was to call a council of War.
2. Washington approached the Indians with kindness, offering them his advice to deal with the French, not imposing anytime on them. The French’s approach was to be hostile and treat them with disrespect and threaten them.

1. He expected the narrative to help persuade people and families to settle in Kentucky by showing the beauty of the land in describing them as well as how civilized it was. Also, by explaining his brother’s experience in Kentucky the first time.
2. The feature that contributed to the establishment of making Daniel Boone a pioneer was the fact that he had fought Indians and how he left everything behind in North Carolina to go on search more for land. He also was able to establish a route through the Allegheny Mountains that is now used by many.

1. The line of argument Hamilton took in defense of his client was that he had freedom of the press in the fact that what he said was something libel was false. But not once did his client use false. Like Hamilton said “it is the cause of liberty,” so in other words his freedom of press.
2. The significance of the jury’s “not guilty” was that fact that Hamilton said that the most important matter to question through this case was the question of freedom of speech as the country gave them a noble foundation to expose and oppose the power by speaking and writing the truth.; whether it was true or not. The final verdict says that the independence and freedom is important to the jury was they were able to understand Hamilton’s view in the freedom his client is being charged against.

1. Before 1763, or any of the many acts were presented to the colonies. American’s temper towards England was good. They were willingly open to the government of the crown and were obedient to the parliament. At the time of Franklin’s testimony, their view began to change as they were fed up of the English parliament. What led to this negative energy was “no taxation without representation” and the fact that the colonies were not reimbursed what they saw was deserved but rather was England thought was necessary.
2. If taxes in good manufactured in England continues, Franklin suggest the citizens would indeed make a rebellion in which they will not be forced to take stamps because they will choose to do without it. The respect would be lost towards England completely and then the commerce would be affected rapidly as that would lead America in buying less manufactured goods from England.
3. Franklin is saying that Americans refuse to give extra money away from Parliament for some god and they refuse to let parliament to have the satisfaction that Americans are giving into the tax system. This tells us that Americans hold much hate towards England.

4-6 1. The account of the Boston “Massacre” that was most believable was that of the Boston gazette and country journal because the military will probably change the story so that they don’t get in trouble and so that it doesn’t look like it was their fault.
2. Even though it wasn’t really a massacre because not many people died, it is referred to as a massacre because it was so cruel. The people were defenseless. Very unjust.

1. Crevecoews imagines that the Englishmen feel like they are on the top of the world because they made a new piece of their motherland elsewhere and their hard work paid off. They felt accomplished.
2. The author describes Americans’ lifestyle and social relations as more relaxed and laid back because they had no bishops, kings, courts, or