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Aquarius Case Study Questions
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Zi Yan (Angela) Han
1. Environment- As in the case, “within a short period of time, there was a rapid turnover in the major account handled by the agency.” In general, the advertising industry is rapidly changing and needs to adapt to the environment. Therefore, it has high fluctuations, gaining or losing clients rapidly.
Culture: Most of the employees are revolved around creativity and art due to the nature of an advertising firm. Each person works independently with their own idea and tries to sell it to customers. However, the flow of information to the top is delayed and the management does not receive any information until weeks later, which mean the employees are receiving too much freedom in work and the information flow systems need to be improved.
Goals: The goal of the company is to provide good services to clients in response to changes in the environment, as well as improve coordination issues.
Size: The company is a middle sized firm.
Technology: Advertising requires traditional media (TV, radio) as well as new technologies such as SEO, social media and etc. In forms of communication, the company uses phone calls, emails instead of more complicated systems.
2. The current organization structure is more of a functional structure. Although it is very stable and reliable, the transfer of information is quite slow and not flexible enough. The company can consider moving to a matrix structure because it is a more horizontal structure that allows more flexibility and coordination between functions, such as coordination with operations, finance and marketing. In this