Essay about Architecture: Atmosphere and Visitors Journey

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Please can you all email us by the 14th of January a 200 word description of your museum.
You must answer the following questions

- What is your museum (the name of the museum)
- What are you displaying
- How does a visitor experience / view what is displayed.

Can you describe the visitors journey through the museum

- how does the building appear as you approach it. (what does it look like)
- how do you enter it? (when can one go there, is it free, is it public space.)
- What is the visitors journey like through the building (what are the key spaces on their route)
- what is the climax of the building?
- What is the atmosphere of the building.

After writing your words (which you should have some fun with, there is no right or wrong thing to write)

- can you make a bubble diagram laying out all of your spaces and can you wrote of each bubble all of things that happen in these spaces. (like a mind map)
- can you then find images that help explain each part of your building. Images that look like the atmosphere you want to create. (you have to use google creatively)
- can you make a 1st attempt at laying out these spaces to scale on a 1:100 site plan.

Please can you bring the results of this on the 15th.

“The Gardens of Eden “

when we first had our site trip. The first thing that cought my eye was the area, Although the mills was fasinating I was a bit bumbed by the location. Although it seemed interesting for me how ppl manevered from one are to another … As I walked around the site I was trying to look for something that was inspiring. It wasnt easy “ =). the site sits in island. Which is kind of in the middle of two places. I realised that people living in north side had to pass by the man made island through the mills and then off to the highway. The area seemed quait. There was a stodio there who by complete honesty wouldnt even notice it becuz of the noise-less they tend to achieve.
Choosing the best area for my building project.
I wanted a location that had a good view or more importantly something that had to do with the history of the place. Choosing a perpose for the muesem wasnt easy. I didnt really the history of it was that interesting “ no effence “. so what do what to do ? ,, I started mapping the site adding things to the drawings that I picked up on my way there. I realise I was really focusing on the landscape of the area. Rather than drawing lines and researching its history. So I thought why not do something with plants , better yet reeds! Since it was right next to my location proposal. After researching I found out that reeds can actually be in use. One thing is that its used to filter water. So here you have it folks! My muesem is about filterization with the use of none the only reeds.

Gardens of eden? Magical ? .. thats one discribtion