Are Athletes Overpaid Analysis

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What’s the big about athletes getting $36 million a year? The big deal is that people who go out and save people from death don’t get nearly as much as the athletic stars. An average nurse gets a salary of $70,000 a year. Tom Brady gets an average of $36 million a year.
Why is a nurse who is saving people get less money than someone who is providing entertainment. According to the article “Are Athletes Overpaid?” the president doesn’t get nearly as much money as an athletic star. To me that's just messed up. The person who is running our country gets less money than someone who is entertaining us that should get a fix right away.
The average income for a family is $54,000. The average rate for an athletic star is $2 million to $5 million. An average person works about till they are 70 years old. An average athletic star works 4 year on the job than they are done. Why is it when the
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All of this money came out of his pay check. This was a nice thing that Ronaldo did, but not all athletic stars do this. Some athletic stars help their families with the money that they never had.
Not all athletic stars do this. The article “The Insane Lifestyle of Rich and Famous Sporting Gods” it shows all of these athletic stars cradling their wads of money.
If more athletic stars were to donate their money to kids and families that are in need than it wouldn’t be such a problem.
In the end, I don’t know why people who are saving lives every day get less money than someone playing a pointless game. There is no big thing if you win. If a doctor wins that means that they have just saved a life. No one died because a doctor won. People would still be dying even though your sports team had one.
I am ok with athletic stars getting lots of money, but I have to draw the line when people who are saving lives get less money than people who are playing a