Are Our Nuclear Power Plants Safe Essay

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Jessica McDade
September 7, 2013
MAJ 7001 Terrorism
Article 1

How U.S. nuclear reactors are vulnerable to terrorists
By: Alan J. Kuperman, Special to CNN
August 26th, 2013

Essentially, 12 years ago, America was under attack by terrorists, striking our world trade centers in New York City on September 11, 2001. Since then our nation and other nations around the globe have experienced other terroristic attacks. Terrorists such as, al Qaeda have been primarily responsible for some the world’s largest and most devastating disasters. America faces another large, possibly the most fatal attack on our people and economy, our nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, we have discovered that al Qaeda has considered attacking a nuclear power plant in the U.S, as known terrorist make an ongoing effort to search for targets that would cause a paramount level of damage. America currently is home to 62 nuclear power plants. Our nuclear power plants are not adequately protected again a terrorist attack, including the theft of bomb-grade material that could be used against us to cause a reactor melt down, states a University of Texas report. We do not currently have a S.W.A.T. team stationed at any of these facilities, hence why it would take any team over an hour to respond to any sign of a terroristic attack on any of these sites. With this window of opportunity, any terrorist group would be able to get a hold of bomb grade uranium and use it at their disposal. It is highly crucial for the United States to create a tactical team that is alert on standby on the premises or as close as possible to fend off any of these possible attacks that could put our nation in jeopardy. Terrorist attacks can happen at any moment of time. This truth holds evident with the attacks on 9/11. These radical groups were able to cripple a nation by taking out two world trade buildings and the Pentagon. While doing so, this group could have taken a chance and invaded one or multiple nuclear plants stationed around the USA and steal as much bomb grade uranium they needed. Luckily this was not the case and we were safe on the nuclear side of their attacks. Had they gone that route, we would not have been ready or able to take anyone down since it takes too long for a tactical team to get ready and head to the site. These radicals partake in this behavior for one main reason, power. If you own bomb grade uranium and your group is not part…