Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Is Not A Crime

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Gun Control
Gun Control is not one problem, but it is many of problems. Some people feel that gun control is a crime, but to others it is not a crime. Gun control is a freedom issue, and it also can be a political issue as well. By having these issues,there are people who feel like that is not enough and there are others who wants less violence. On the other hand, a section of our constitution states that people have gun rights, which is the second amendment. However, this has caused many deaths across the United States.
People who has a mental disease should not have the right to own guns. .”The shooting,which took place at an Orlando gay bar early sunday morning, killed 49 people and injured 53(Elliott)”. This shooting was caused by a person who was mentally ill and felt that gay couples did not have the right to live. The young male who shot and killed 49
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Secondly, guns shows should not be allowed due to deaths around the world. Guns shows has influence different individuals into feeling that using a gun is the only way to solve their problems. “Guns-rights supporters point out that the increased background checks of private and gun-show sales that Democrats and Toomey supported would not have prevented Newtown of the ISIS- inspired murders in San Bernardino,Calf, and an Orlando night club, which involved guns purchased from gun stores with full background(Elliot)”. This is stating that the amount of murders throughout states has highly increased, because people feel that guns are the answer to every situation. Having guns shows should not be allowed, it can convince people that guns can be their only protection, and that they can just go around shooting people for no reason. When people leave their house they should not be afraid of never coming back just because someone was having a bad day and decided to go around shooting random people to solve their problems. Guns are not the answer to your everyday