Argumentative Essay: Is Torture Justified?

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Torture has been a part of America’s history for hundreds of years, starting before the nation gained its independence. In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts over 200 accused witches were exposed to the first form of torture in America. According to Evan Andrews a writer for, suspected witches were exposed to multiple “tests” to find their innocence, most of the tests were manipulated to ensure a guilty verdict. During tests witches were subject to water torture, pricking, scratching, hanging, and more. Since then, torture has evolved, organizations such as the CIA have emphasised the mental aspect, and enhanced the physical aspect. Today America uses torture to harm the accused and gain information, but this use of torture is up for debate, for many reasons; this technique of obtaining information is unethical and unnecessary, government organizations like the CIA wrongfully accuse middle easterners which lead to the suffering of innocent people, in addition it acquires fabricated and incorrect information. Torture is used to …show more content…
A recent study has shown that 63% of people feel that torturing suspected terrorists is justified. If the majority of the population believes in torture, then why is it not mandatory in interrogations? Many people believe torture methods such as waterboarding can save American lives, and taking away torture like this is losing a valuable weapon. A weapon that is needed, especially when ¨You're dealing with people who don't play by any rules.” said Jo Ann Tieken, a trump supporter. The protection of American citizens is of utmost importance, but there are better ways of solving these conflicts. The suffering of a human being is not acceptable, and only causes a greater divide between countries. One large step in mending these bonds, is to terminate the use of torture in our