Argumentative Essay On Immigration Matters

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Immigration matters is a very important subject where, we can find anything that connects to the subject on immigration matters, which it reflect a very complex topic to discuss, in other words it is a hot topic to debate. Meaning that from many years we have face many different issues that leads to immigration, which it focuses on how the government is unable to agree and to repair well understanding on how to spend the founds in order have a better immigration system that connects to this issues. There‚Äôs many different circumstance where the government need to put more attention in order to find a reasonable answer before they decide where to spend the current national budget on immigration matters. I do believe the first thing to do in order to create a better immigration system, is to have people that really knows the real issues the our country and immigrant people are facing, at the moment that their last option is come here for a better life. We need to really know the real problem …show more content…
I would say we have a have to improve in our border security system, meaning that we need to help the people that try to cross, because these people are very vulnerable and they suffer from criminals or drug smugglers, which in some cases they force these innocent people by having them to cross their drugs in order for them to cross to the country. This little example can really reflect the real problem that our country is facing, in our border security, probably, I would spend more in technology, and medical training at the moment to help these people against cartel or drug smugglers that force innocent people to cross drug and more. These invest could improve more in the system but I would say it could be very expensive by having better training agent, improving the technology, vehicles, and agent salaries, but I would say this could be a