Argumentative Essay On Police Violence

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One would notice by turning on the news that crime and violence is everywhere in the country. Especially in today’s media police violence is one of the most snowballing problems there is in the United States. From Ferguson, MO to Baltimore, MD, and Chicago, IL police brutality and action without recourse has caused many to lose their lives. Many would argue that the problem that exists is the absence of training and the over arming of local police forces. Numerous people have suffered from this and will continue to suffer unless action is taken. Media has shown this violence as a problem of the people acting out without considering the fact that the police forces in large crime areas are not trained as properly as they should be and lack …show more content…
Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek wrote that innocent people are getting the wrath of a military type of presence in the streets of Ferguson. Ferguson could be construed as a prime example of under qualified and over armed. Tanks and para-military police forces ruled the streets of Ferguson. They pushed protesters out of the way and forced a curfew on the people in the town. Rightful, tax paying, law abiding citizens were forced off of the streets and into their home Zakie Gul, Hokan Hakim, and Ramadan Treks from the International Journal of Human Sciences state that “the issue of police abuse of power, particularly police use of excessive force. Since the misuse of force by police is considered a problem, some entity must discover a way to control and prevent the illegal use of coercive power.”(286) They use the phrase excessive force many times in their journal claiming that all of this “excessive force” comes from when they are starting early out in the academy. (290) They come into the academy with the perception that every new cadet is going to be a SWAT trained individual and they want to have that type of power if they cannot attain immediately.