Argumentative Essay On Why College Is Worth It

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College is Worth It Having an education is very important especially for the near future. Finally graduating from high school and getting your diploma right after students graduate they have the decision to do whatever they want most think about hanging with friends and partying but other students would think about going to college and starting school again. Most students think going to a 4-year college is worth it while others think the total opposite. This argumentative essay will support the side that thinks college is worth it. The claim to this is that going to a 4-year college is worth it. Going to a 4-year college is worth it because when graduating college college graduates are able to get a more money yearly. “Individuals that have …show more content…
When students finally graduate from college they have to pay a lot of money for the loan. “Even if they get the degree, they’re stuck with a huge bill-and may be paying down their student debt for years.”(84)
Another thing is that less than half percent of students that were college graduates got a job that didn’t even need a college degree. “46 percent of recent college graduates were in jobs that don’t even require a college degree.” (84)
For the refutation the counterclaim is incorrect because when being a student and finishing college they can have many choices for the near future like what house they want, their dream car, and many more choices to come to. “Education gives you choices.” (87)
In conclusion, going to a 4-year college is in deed very worth it especially for college graduates near future. The main point of this argument is to see whether or not going to a 4-year college is worth it for students future. To help encourage students to make the choice by going to college is by showing all the great things that could happen in their near future if they go to a 4-year college. They can learn more about what they are interested in, be able to make more choices, have a better chance at getting a job, and so many more