Argumentative Essay: Should A College Education Be Free?

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A college education causes a lot of debt among other issues or students, so should it be free. “Forty-nine percent of current students would reconsider attending college because of the impact of student loan debt.” A college education should be free for everyone. Nevertheless, if it is free how will colleges make a profit without being in debt? This topic is very debatable, however college should be free so everyone can get a higher education to get a degree and students wouldn't have to pay students loans in the future.

Everyone should have the right to go to college, even if they can't afford it. Getting a higher education can really impact someone's life because some jobs require a degree, and they can't get a degree without getting a higher education. Although some good paying jobs require a degree, not all jobs do. For example, the requirements to be an executive assistant is a high school diploma or equivalent. They don't need a degree from college and the average salary is forty four thousand dollars. Nevertheless, there aren't many openings for jobs that don't require a degree. There are one million one hundred fourteen thousand job openings for software engineering, but to be a software engineer, the requirements are a bachelor's degree which requires going to college.

If college education is free, students wouldn't
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College students would rethink their decision of going to college just because of debt. This shows that colleges are way too expensive, and should be free. Moreover, students cannot get a degree if they don't go to college, and then they can't always get a well paying job. Nevertheless, colleges would be in debt also if college is free because they also have other expenses to pay. Getting a higher education shouldn't be worth twenty years of someone’s paycheck instead it should be