Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Tuition Free?

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Should College Be Tuition Free? Every year, millions of high school graduates enroll in a college to ameliorate themselves with the opportunity of a university. Many of them have an array of financial assistance, such as grants, loans, or even scholarships. A multitudinous number students end up having college debt by the time they reach the workforce, however some people think that the government should pay for public colleges. One of the issues is the United States is 19 Trillion dollars in debt and is projected to reach 26 Trillion by 2020. Also, similarly to public K-12 schools, students would not be necessarily be encouraged to do well and finish all of their classes. Finally, many people say that college is not affordable enough. However, many opportunities for students exist that can make college inordinately affordable if the work is put into it. Our government should not invest in further education because we lack the resources and it will lower salaries and demand of skilled jobs. First, the government has little room in its budget and we are already faced with insolvent spending. …show more content…
However, grants and scholarships are available in all shapes and sizes. Also, choosing a realistic major for our changing economy is important, which should make paying off college easier. First, many banks give out student loans, even a small loan can help you get started with a community college or technical school. Similarly, many organizations give out grants to people for academic achievement, and even community service. Finally, choosing a major that works in our economy. For instance, our economy is currently going through a phase in which “STEM” jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are in high demand. Also, with improving medical research, people are generally living longer increasing the need for doctors and