Argumentative Essay: Why Books Should Be Banned From Schools

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Certain books should not be banned from schools and libraries because this can cause a child to possibly not have the material they need for a subject.
Certain books should be banned from libraries because some of the books may be inappropriate.
Some books are inappropriate because children are nosey and they want to read what teenagers and adults are reading. They do not need to see inappropriate words or something because once you know something you can’t unlearn it. According to, “In Defense of Book Banning”, “I admit I was reflexively surprised to learn that my children’s school confiscates any questionable reading material that students might possess. Then again, this is exactly why I send my kids to a private religious
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There is so much we don’t know that we could learn from books it’s almost uncomprehendable. According to the atlantics article “Why We Want Parents to Try and Ban Books”; “It’s worrying that more parents aren't challenging these books. The ranking is based on just 460 challenges nationwide. Granted, the ALA says many challenges go unreported, and claims the 460 number represents just 25 percent of the total. Still, even accounting for unreported complaints, parents lodged fewer than 2,000 challenges last year, which averages out to under 40 per state. And the number of complaints is dropping—challenges were down 10 percent last year compared to 2008.” if the books were so bad that less than 40 people per state , and dropping, would vote to have them banned. This shows that either the parents don’t care or, there wrong. Half of the books parents are trying to ban are the classics, like How to Kill a Mocking Bird or The Color Purple. Adding onto this issue, according to the New York Times, “Book Banning’s Arguments are Heard” “the issue before the Court, the question for the Justices is whether to allow the trial to proceed or whether, as the school board's attorney argued today, there is no constitutional basis to challenge a determination by an elected school board on what the school library should contain.” This is not acceptable. The parents fund the money for the books