Army Safety Essay

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Appendix A

Section I
Required Publications
AR 385–10
The Army Safety Program

AR 385–40
Accident Reporting and Records

DA PAM 385–10
The Army Safety Program

DA PAM 385–40
Army Accident Investigation and

DA PAM 385–64
Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

DA PAM 385–90
Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program

FM 5–19
Composite Risk Management

Section II
Related Publications
A related publication is a source of additional information. The user does not have to read it to understand this publication.
AR 40–5
Preventive Medicine

AR 385–63
Range Safety (MCO 3570.1B)

AR 420–90
Fire and Emergency Services

AR 600–55
The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program
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(3) Escort recovery vehicles to accident scene.

e. The maintenance officer will—
(1) Ensure qualified personnel are available to assist the safety accident investigation board at the accident site.
(2) Provide the board with an estimated cost of damage (ECOD) to assist in determining accident classification.
(3) Help the board recover and identify wreckage and determine the operating conditions of various parts.
(4) Provide maintenance history.

f. The USO/NCO will—
(1) Know requirements of AR 385–10 and DA Pam 385–40.
(2) Review the pre-accident plan and ensure that it is tested at least once annually.
(3) Ensure the accident site is secure until the safety accident investigation board arrives.
(4) Classify the accident based upon ECOD from the maintenance officer and injury severity estimates from the medical activity.
(5) Keep the chain of command informed.
(6) Act as an advisor to the safety accident investigation board and assist its members as necessary.

g. The public affairs officer will—
(1) Dispatch personnel to the accident scene to handle news releases.
(2) Maintain liaison with local news services.
(3) Help investigators identify witnesses and solicit return of wreckage pieces that may have been removed without authorization.

h. The facility engineer will—
(1) Provide, upon request from the safety accident investigation board, personnel and