Arrogance vs. Confidence Essay

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Rory Kelsey
Essay #1
Mr. William Yarrow
English 099 The way people communicate today is revolutionary, from texting, to tweeting, to facebooking. It almost looks lazy to the older generations. But its not, It is just this country expanding more and more everyday. It is like the way this country was when the first telephone was invented. You mean to tell me I do not have to write a long letter and wait a week to get it to the person I want to talk to? All I have to do it pick up the phone and dial a number and boom, we are communicating. That is all it is today, just on a superior level. The laziness concept might come from the way people abbreviate their words. I personally do not use these abbreviations but most kids my age do. It is just a way of communicating without putting in that little extra work. Instead of typing out I don’t know people will put Idk. When someone thinks something is funny or worthy of a laugh the simple text is lol (laughing out loud). Facebook and Twitter is the exact same way. Twitter has these things called hashtags. All it is is putting a pound sign in front of your main point. Basically it is your thesis for the tweet. For example: I’m writing this essay #PuttinInWork. That tweet was simply put, I have an essay that I am writing. The hashtag or twitter thesis is that I am putting in the work to get it done. That is how tweets work. Facebook has statuses and for some people it is just a way to get likes. Some people use it to describe