My Learning Style Essay

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According to the results of the Multiple Intelligence Learning Style quiz, I am an Intrapersonal Learner. According to the Ithaca College Learning Style quiz I am also a kinesthetic learner. After taking the Human Metrics quiz, The Maya Briggs letter classification system computed me to be an INTJ, which stands for-Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging. The results from the Fixed vs Growth Mindset resource self-evaluation quiz concluded that I have a Growth Mindset. I wasn't too surprised about any of my results. The results match how I see myself. Being an INTJ- I have a high-level of self awareness. This awareness and self confidence may get misconstrued as arrogance. I can be quite kinesthetic in my learning approach. I enjoy hands on experience when learning. My professional background is in management and entrepreneurship, I definitely aim to be a system builder. I agree that I am a perfectionist, critiquing my own work first and foremost. My son, who was my quiz partner, agreed that the results matched both our characters. When comparing our results, it confirmed my thoughts of how similar we are. His results also impelled me to look into his set of unique characteristics, aside from the inherited ones. The results gave me a higher sense of awareness. I immediately began to revise my daily schedule, long-term and short term goals. With school now being included in my schedule, this has increased my desire to mange my time efficiently. The information I