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Kervin Matos
ArtH 111
Professor Hendrick Dey

The Iron Machaira (also known as the kopis) is truly a work of art. The Iron Machaira has been used by the Greeks , which was introduce as the Greek weaponry for close range. As I stated before, the kopis is a heave sword/knife with a curving blade in order to cut a living flesh. This weapon shows an improvement from the cavalry sword. Throughout periods in history, there has been a new technology advances and improvement of weapons. Although, the sword represent one of the first improvements of the cavalry sword, it shows that weapon during warfare changed dramatically.
Before Greek civilizations, humans have been fighting ever since they were on earth which can lead to conflict. Throughout history, there has been some kind of conflict where people have disagreement or they want to expand their land. A war is when a nations, state or a group of people have conflict within one another. Waging a war consist can lead to violence, economic depression, and social disruption. During warfare, people are armed in order to kill or end someone’s life. A weapons such as the kopis , is a device used in order to inflict damage, harming and/or killing a living creature. As war happen throughout history, technology rose with it. Warfare weapons are enhanced or changed to a better device to kill faster or have a better advantage. Like the Kopis was once use for self defense, today there are different types of firearms that are use during warfare, self defense, law enforcement and ect.. Even today, during times of war, people in the military carry out a combat knife similar to the Kopis. Technology has given weapon to be smaller and deadly that give an advantages to people. Throughout history, warfare became more severe with the new weapon. New weapons to military have created more death casualties during time of war. As time went on, deadlier weapon are invented and is use during war. There are different types of weapon that was use. For example, the bow and arrows was use to kill in long range instead of a close range A new modern technology that is still use by hand and kill faster than a sword or bow and arrows, firearms. The hand gun and rifle became a major turning point in history, which allowed the user to trigger that shoots metal with a high speed, piercing almost anything. This allowed having better accuracy that work with close and long range. Today, weapons are too advance and can