Art History Comparative Essay

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1. Charlemagne’s
Renovatio Imperii Romani celebrated the fact that Charlemagne’s goal of reviving the glory of Early Christian Rome. The sculpture depicts a crowned Charlemagne holding a globe, which is the symbol of world domination.
This ties to religion because one of Charlemagne’s dearest projects was the revival of and recovery of the true text of the Bible, which through centuries of incorrect copying, had become corrupt. This sculpture is significant and even sacred because it honors Charlemagne who was dedicated to Christianity. And from
Pakistan is
Robed male figure
, it is believed to be a priest­king. It also has iconographies similar to those of some Sumerian sculptures. “Priest­kings” often refer to some Sumerian leaders. The elaborate costume like the trefoil pattern on his robe, and precious materials make it clear that the individual depicted was one of the elite. 2. Pieta the sculpture by Michelangelo was commissioned by the French cardinal Jean de
Bilheres Lagraulas. It was commissioned to adorn the chapel in Old Saint Peter’s, in which where he would be buried. Although Michelangelo’s French patron picked the subject, Michelangelo rendered the North style in a phenomenal style. This shows the patronage system of the Renaissance because the patron chooses what the artist must depict, yet the artist can still choose how they want to represent the subject. In
Michelangelo choose to pump his sculpture with life.