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Deakin University Assignment Coversheet Faculty of Arts & Education

Student ID: 211813715 Campus: Burwood

Student Name: ..Nguyen..Manh Viet

Address (for ....... return of assignment ......................................................................... via post)

ON-Campus units return to: Campus Faculty Office

OFF-Campus units return to: Assignment Tracking, DSA Deakin University
Locked Bag 20000
Geelong, Vic, 3220

Assignment Title/Name: Research Essay
Due Date 14/06/2013
Extension Date:
(if granted)

Unit Code: AIR 747
Unit Mode:
ON / OFF (please circle)
Tutorial Day & Time:
(if applicable)

Lecturer/Tutor: Dr. Cai Wilkinson
If this assignment has been completed by a group or team:
1. Each student in the group must complete and sign a separate coversheet.
2. The assignment will be returned to the student in the group nominated below.*

This assignment was completed in a group or team: NO (circle or delete as necessary)
This assignment should be returned to the student named on this coversheet: YES (circle or delete as necessary)

Assignment to be returned to: Thi Thanh Tam Bui

Plagiarism occurs when a student passes off as the students own work, or copies without acknowledgement as to its authorship, the work of another person. Collusion occurs when a student obtains the agreement of another person for a fraudulent purpose with the intent of obtaining an advantage in submitting an assignment or other work. Work submitted may be reproduced and/or communicated for the purpose of detecting plagiarism and collusion. DECLARATION
I certify that the attached work is entirely my own (or where submitted to meet the requirements of an approved group assignment is the work of the group), except where material quoted or paraphrased in the text. I also certify that it has not been submitted for assessment in any other unit or course.

SIGNED: Viet DATE: 14/06/2013 _
An assignment will not be accepted for assessment if the declaration appearing above has not been signed by the author.


Mark Awarded:



Research topic: Which one of the following concepts/phenomena is most important for the study of contemporary International Relations: sovereignty, nationalism, globalization, regionalism or security? Illustrate your answer with appropriate empirical examples.

Globalization is occurring with distinctions enormous compared with the previous period which had witnessed manhood. It reflects the objective trend, the first of human history, the trend of cooperation for development among the nation. It takes place on all aspects of social life, from economics, politics to culture. It is the result of the development of sudden mutation of science and high technology, first of all, information technology, and also the product of a modern market economy. This affects many different areas, including the democratization of social life. It's strong impact on the democratization process in the financial sector and international investment capital, opening the possibility for the actual process of democratization of access and receives the new technology, the democratization message. The impact of this globalization process to democratize social life took place in a positive direction once all the negative, has an opportunity for growth, progress, has given rise not less the challenges that face humanity, must soon seek to resolve to promote the history of the first. This essay will argue three characteristic that globalization is most important to study contemporary international relations: Globalization arises new liberalism and the context of trade liberalization, internationalization of higher education, globalization arises new colonialism in higher education.
Globalization arises new liberalism and the context of trade liberalization