Article Analysis: Criminal Offenses in Society Essay

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Article Analysis Criminal offenses in society have grown to another level and with this form of criminal offenses it places each law abiding citizen on the edge of their seats. The cyber world is supposed to be the most effective educational form to learn things as well as being a place to communicate with friends and family. Now, the computer was a well-equipped invention that made life some much better to retain important information and in this time period the computer is being used as a well-equipped weapon of destruction. Cyber-crimes have affected the rich, it has affected the poor and cyber-crime has placed the government and law officials on a high alert. Cyber criminals are masterminds because they are able to click a key that could place them in the millionaire range or they could pick their victim just as if they were shopping at the mall for a piece of clothing. The criminal justice have officers that are posing as young individuals to caught sexually predators that feel like sleeping with a minor is really nothing. Cyber-criminals need to watch just like any other criminal and law enforcement agencies need special task agents to monitor the cyber world. In the article “There’s nothing virtual about cyber-attacks,” it is said that when you use the word “cyber” in front of other words such as cybercrime or cyber-attacks it is sometimes not taken as seriously as it should be. Cybercrime does not sound like a “real” type of crime to some people. It is also discussed that as a society that relies so much on technology today and the internet for so much of our lives, it is starting to be looked at as one in the same with regular crime, so to speak to more and more people. In recent news there were assumptions made that Chinese hackers had gotten into what was supposed to be a secure network through the White House and into not only private information, but a part of a secure network that controls nuclear codes. It is becoming more and more apparent that when a person or group of people attempt to break laws and commit criminal acts with the internet, it effects real life with one or multiple people. Technology has advanced so much that committing cybercrimes can effect a person’s financial situation, personal situation, trust with another person, their business, and much more (Greene, 2012).
Cyber- crime has a major impact on the criminal justice system. Cyber- crimes have become more difficult to control because of the extent of the crimes. The criminal justice system has obtained certain Individuals to handle cyber-crimes to try to keep them under control. The criminal justice system is constantly obstructed by cyber-crimes because of the number of crimes as well as the extent of the crime. For every cyber-crime there is a government official that handles the crime committed. Cyber-crimes have had a major impact on the criminal justice system by causing many states to take the crimes serious as well as to continue to investigate the seriousness of the crimes. With both the government and the non state government they both are ones that engage in the cyber-crimes which also include the espionage, theft by financial , and cross the border crimes. Their is other activity which involves the crossing of the international borders and they end up involving the intertest of the nation by the state which they somtimes refer to as cyber-warfare. With that you have the legal system which is international that they are atempting to be able to hold actors to make the accountable for all of the actions that they commit that are through that of the international criminal court(Pati, 2008). Cyber-crime is like any other crime, it will be hard to stop. Global crime poses a threat to the nation at every aspect. How our nation deals with global crime is the solution to this rising