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AAD 252 Online

All Assignments Due
Week 1
Jan 6-12
Introductions and Syllabus

Introduction into Issues of Arts and Gender
Discussion Board Posting 1
Journal Posting 1
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 2
Jan 13-19
Gendered Language, Images, and Contexts

Discussion Board Posting 2
Journal Posting 2
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 3
Jan 20-26
Gender Portrayal:
Male, Masculine, Virility

Discussion Board Posting 3
Journal Posting 3
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 4
Jan 27-Feb 2
Gender Portrayal: Female, Feminine, Fertility
Discussion Board Posting 4
Journal Posting 4
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 5
Feb 3-9
Gender Portrayal and the Idea of the Gaze

Discussion Board Posting 5
Journal Posting 5
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 6
Feb 10-16
Accessibility, Marginalization, Belonging
Discussion Board Posting 6
Journal Posting 6

Midterm Essay
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 7
Feb 17-23
Significant Others and Art Partnerships
Discussion Board Posting 7
Journal Posting 7
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 8
Feb 24-March 2
Constructing Gender Through Body Customization
Discussion Board Posting 8
Journal Posting 8
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 9
March 3-9
Fashion and Gendered Appearance

Semester Project

Discussion Board Posting 9
Journal Posting 9

Semester Project
Due Sunday 5pm
Week 10
March 10-16
Gendered Landscapes

Discussion Board Posting 10
Journal Posting 10
Due Sunday 5pm


Final Reflection
Due: Sunday 5pm
March 16

1. Weekly class participation:
Virtual attendance for in class time will be taken. Attendance for the virtual portion of class will be monitored through the weekly discussion and activity postings.
Discussion Board and Journal postings are due by 5pm each Sunday. Midterm project will be due on Sunday of the 6th and the Semester Project will be due on Sunday of the 9th week. The Final Exam will be due the Sunday of the 10th week.
For every three absences (missed postings), the instructor reserves the right to lower your overall course grade by one letter grade.
2. Completion of weekly readings and assignments.
3. Completion of Midterm Essay.
4. Completion of the Semester Project.
5. Completion of Final.

Note: All assignments due are submitted on/by due dates and times
All course assignments are outlined and posted on the course Blackboard site. Late assignments will not receive full credit. To overview, the course is divided into five areas of evaluation:
1. Discussion Board – Collective participation and thoughtful responses to readings, activities, and discussions. During the ten weeks of the term, students will have weekly discussion board assignments, which pertain to the topic readings and/or external links. These weekly assignments may require creating art, image research and/or a brief analysis, response to other posts, and, they are to be posted under the appropriate thread category on the Discussion Board. The goal is to gain an understanding and application of the main points and concepts presented within each week’s topics. Your perspective is important to the creation of this class experience. Everyone is expected to participate. You must have access to a computer and a connection to Blackboard for this class. – 40 points (4 points for each assignment)
2. Journals – Personal reflective documentation for term readings. During the term, you will write reflections regarding the textbook readings for the week. You will begin with a brief description of each reading, including your perspective and understanding of the concepts and ideas expressed in the readings. Contextualize the ideas, as put forth in the readings, with what you are experiencing in this class, in relation to personal and collective identity, and art and its role in identifying and experience gender, as you develop your significant perspectives of art and gendered spaces. Journals are private in that they may only be read by you and me.